Dakshinayana Indian Thought Series

Dakshinayana Indian Thought Series: Telugu-English, Co-Edited with Volga. Hyderabad: Orient BlackSwan. In press. Forthcoming 2019.

Translations From Telugu Literature, Hyderabad: Orient BlackSwan, 2018, Forthcoming. Editors: Kalpana Kannabiran, Volga. Translations: Vasanth Kannabiran

A series on progressive thought in Indian languages has been conceived of by GN Devy as consisting of one anthology in every major language containing important texts — songs, poems, stories, essays, letters, non-literary articles, extracts from iconic books, etc– already existing in published form. With no restrictions on the period/s from which these texts are picked up, the Telugu selection consists of extracts from the work of 90 writers from the 12 century CE to the present that are strikingly ‘progressive’/ social-reformist, taking the readers beyond caste-creed, and gender-bias. This volume has been compiled in Telugu, and has been translated into English. It is to be published both in English and in Telugu. The completed manuscript is in press.